Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun!

Danneel Ackles Shares Her Experiences Of Halloween

Twitter has enabled Danneel Ackles, an actress and model, to share certain aspects of how she celebrates Halloween to her fans. In 2010, Danneel shared some photos of herself, her brother (Gino Graul), and her friends, Steve Carlson and Mikey Roe, dressed up in Halloween costumes at Max Azria's house party.

The fans were intrigued to know where Jensen Ackles was on this Halloween night and therefore tweeted to Danneel to find out. Danneel replied back to them stating that Jensen Ackles was working at a haunted house. She tweeted a photo of Jensen in his Halloween costume as well as wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.

In 2011, on Halloween, Danneel shared a photo of Jensen Ackles in a very scary mask but unfortunately didn't share one of herself.

Danneel & Gino

Danneel Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Oscar, Icarus and Cupcakes

And for Halloween 2012, Danneel shared a photo of her two adorable dogs, Oscar and Icarus dressed up in Halloween costumes, and some amazing Halloween Cupcakes, which I would have loved to have tasted myself. To this day, I don't know whether she bought them or made them herself.

Oscar & Icarus

Halloween Cupcakes

Married Life and Parenthood

Danneel has always been very good in sharing personal photos to her fans and Jensen Ackles fans, even though she has experienced negative tweets from Twitter trolls who disliked the fact that she is in a relationship with Jensen. They are now husband and wife and have created a beautiful life together. The birth of their daughter Justice Jay showed the fans what a close, loved up, married relationship they do have. They truly are made for each other! Below is a photo of all the family come Halloween time 31st October 2015.

Danneel Ackles, Jense Ackles and JJ Halloween 2015

Until next time...

I look forward to the next year, when Danneel Ackles will share with us some more awesome Halloween Photos! Thank you Danneel for all these awesome Halloween photos that you share with your fans.

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