Jensen and Danneel Ackles at the UCLA Spring Sing, 2013

Spring Sing is UCLA's is an annual music competition held in May at UCLA's Los Angeles Tennis Center. The competition brings together UCLA students to perform as solo artists, duets, bands, and a cappella groups in front of an audience of over 7,000 UCLA students, alumni, faculty, staff and celebrity judges. Among the celebrity judges chosen to judge the competition was Jensen Ackles, he was accompanied by his wife Danneel (Harris) Ackles.

Dr Bill Dorfman, one of the other celebrity judges for the competition, tweeted:

UCLA Spring Sing I am judging with my patients @elisabettacanalis @jensenackles and his wife Danielle


Many fans responded by thanking him and correcting Dr Bill, stating how Jensen Ackles doesn't have a Twitter account but his wife does, @DanneelHarris. They also pointed out his spelling mistake for Danneel's name. They were very thankful for Dr Bill posting the photo as not only did the photo include the gorgeous Ackles couple but also included a special addition; Baby Ackles bump.

After the event, Danneel tweeted:

Had soo much fun tonight!!! What an incredible showcase of talent! Be proud UCLA! #uclaspringsing. 

It was truly a great evening for everyone. Danneel and Jensen looked a gorgeous couple and the world could see how it will be not too long before Baby Ackles entered the world. Since then the Ackles had a beautiful daughter named Justice Jay. Congratulations to them both. Jensen Ackles has also opened up a Twitter profile and Facebook Fan page specifically for his fans.


Fun night for Jensen and Danneel Ackles

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